Yummy Soup: Mac App Review

No, this is not a recipe for a delightful tasting soup.  However, it is about a way in which you can store, collect and exchange many recipes that are such a thing. :)  My father-in-law, in his wonderful thoughtfulness, recently bought me an application called Yummy Soup for my computer.  I hadn’t had much time to dig around or even experiment with it much until recently and it has become a wonderful tool and enhancement to my meal planning.  Here, in no particular order are my pros and cons to the application.


1.  It comes loaded with many, many recipes- a few of which I have already made and am very happy with the results. 

2.  Someone does not have to have Yummy Soup in order to read the recipes. It exports a PDF directly from the application into an email, thus allowing you to make tummies happy everywhere.  

3.  The layout is customizable- you are able to choose from a variety of templates. 

4.  The organization levels are great.  There are handy folders that can help you categorize all of your recipes.

5.  This is a fantastic tool for meal planning.  There is a weekly planner button. Amazing. 

6.  Creating a recipe card could not be easier.  It loads all of the information in for you and makes sharing and importing a breeze.  You simply type the information into the various categories and the template creates your recipe card.  Plus, it looks really cute. 

7.  It helps spread the word about wonderful cooking sites that you or others may not know about or helps people remember who created that wonderful family recipe with the oh-so-helpful attribution box. Along with this, is the import tool where you can load your favorite cooking sites and import recipes directly from your favorite blogs, etc. 


1.  It only works on your computer and is not yet made for your phones.  You still have to make that good ol’ shopping list if you want to buy ingredients for a recipe while at the store. 

2.  You have to make sure that your tags are exact to the folders along the side.  For example, if your folder is called, “salads” then you tag a recipe with the word “salad,” the recipe will not appear in your folder.    

That’s pretty much it.  Seriously.  I would say that the pros far outweigh the cons.  However, I would love to hear what you all think about this application if you have it.  Have you found more reasons to enjoy it or dislike it?  I am just beginning to explore and play around with it and look forward to sharing and importing many more recipes in the future.