Weekend of Firsts

I had a blast taking pictures this last weekend.  Not simply for the mere fact that hearing the sound of the shutter in my camera makes my heart do cartwheels, but also because I flourish on the mix of emotions that happen with new shoots.  I feel pretty much in my element with kids and families.  I get more excited about location and seeing adorable faces rather than worrying about the logistics of trying to integrate my style into something I haven’t done before.   However, this last weekend was filled with two very new shoots that forced me, in a very loving way of course, to move outside of my “norm” of photography.  I was able to do both a pet and a maternity shoot- both with people I adore but both with things I wasn’t too familiar with shooting.  I am really happy with how the pictures turned out and I look forward to showing them to you all in the near future. 

In the meantime, I hear Eva talking crazy talk alone in her crib so I am going to rescue her from nap time.