Weiss-Wright Maternity Shoot

There is something radical about maternity shoots.  I love being able to help tell the story of such a grand, yet slightly anxious transitional period in a couple’s life.  There is much joy in being able to take part in creating life and these two radiated with excitement.  They shared with me how they cannot wait to see the face of their little boy, but for now they are simply loving these last few weeks of alone time together before their lives are changed forever. 

We had a blast in seal beach laughing at how the seagulls were determined to fly into every single shot of mine, getting blasted by cold gusts of wind and getting distracted by a large crowd of guys that were having their own instagram competition.  It was a gorgeous day with a superb couple to say the least.

A&R you two are simply lovely and I am so excited to see you both as parents and meet your sweet lil’ love soon.