Pak Family

There is something altogether radical about capturing moments in time for a family.  I love following them around for a few hours attempting to document their simple and adorable oddities that make that family unique- the way they share snacks together or have amazing dance parties- anything that sets them apart from others yet feels so normal to them.  I thrive on trying to do that.  It is enjoyable beyond words and refreshing to my eyes and heart. It is both an honor and a privilege.  And even more so when I get to do it again for the same family after some time has passed.

That’s the case with the Paks.  You may remember these pictures I took of them when we all lived in Seattle, but just recently I was able to do it again following their move to CA.  Time has passed and they have only gotten more adorable.  I am so thankful for this family’s faithfulness to live by the Spirit and to up and move across state lines to support and help their friends if that is what they feel called to.  They are truly a team and a joy to be around.  The Bogarduses love and support you guys like crazy.

And thank you for trusting me to add another chapter to your beautiful story.  I hope these pictures serve you well.