I have been tagged by the lovely Vern!

This means I have to let you all in on seven little tidbits about me.  Hopefully this won’t ruin any sort of creditability I had with you.  Ha!

They are as follows:

1. I am married to the greatest guy in the world.  Yup.  It’s true!  And it (marriage) was completely unexpected, especially considering I never thought I would marry due to fact number 2…

2.  My dream since I was 7, when my mom bought me an old, skinny, rectangular Kodak, point and shoot, 35mm film camera, was to be a traveling photographer and work for National Geographic.  I still have a love for traveling and photography but don’t know if that job will pan out.  : )  This dream of course came after my first dream was crushed…see fact 3.

3. I have never broken a bone in my body and have only been to the hospital once in my life-for something related to me.  I was four-years-old, dreaming of being an olympic winning gymnast and in Taco Bell (that was our weekly dinner night out for a single parent with two kids).  There I was: doing frontward flips around the metal pole that keeps people in line, pretending that everyone eating their soft tacos and bean burritos would one day be watching me on their television screen, when the cold, ceramic tiles that line the floor in Taco Bell brought me back to reality.  I face-planted right onto the floor, bursting my chin open, leaving a pool of blood and my olympic dreams behind that day. 

4.  One of my favorite childhood memories is running through old fields and jumping barbed wired fences with my brother until we reached the hidden pond where we would go fishing together.  Only we never caught any fish, but I am pretty sure we caught the world’s largest turtle, or so it seems when you are 9.

5.  One of my least favorite memories came after a trip to “hidden pond” with my brother.  My mom spent a good amount of time, burning many ticks off my body that had somehow embedded themselves there during our adventure.  Still, unlike Taco Bell, the ticks couldn’t stop us.   

6. I am a bit of an over-achiever.  The first time I received a B in school was in advanced algebra, in 7th grade, and I cried for days.

7.  I name everything.  My bike, strangers, my favorite pair of shoes, stray dogs, etc.  Everything.  Everything has a name in my mind, even if other people don’t know what it is.  I think it helps me remember things.  : )

That’s it for now! Now I must tag seven people, so give me some facts Nick, Savannah, Katie, Nate Smith, Mom, Sean, and Morgan!

Ok…back to work I go. More videos and photos coming soon!