Sullivan Family

I loved being pregnant.  Truly, I did.  I mean of course there were those days where I was nauseous and uncomfortable, because you know, gaining a pound a week didn’t always work in my favor.  But lately, and especially after this photo shoot, I really miss being pregnant.  It was fun to watch my body do something that it was naturally designed by God to do, completely out of my control, and then to get to the end of the pregnancy and see and hold the culmination of many prayers, joyful days daydreaming of what our daughter would look, fell, smell and sound like.  It makes me giddy just thinking about it and I love living in those trusting times where you know your life will never be the same but you can’t exactly see just how. 

Those feelings all came flooding back to me as I did my first maternity shoot.  Cris, a wonderfully and talented make up artist, gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of her precious belly and first child, Irene.  I had a blast documenting some of their favorite things to do together.  They are two very beautiful girls and I cannot wait to see what little belly bean will look like in a few short months from now.

Here is a little taste with much more cuteness to come…