Lemster Christmas Cards

This couple rules.

There is something so radical and special about friendships and community.  This pretty lady and myself have had quite the adventures, joy, support and outright verbal slaps to the heart, all out of love and for wanting to see the other turn from selfishness to loving others.  She has been an incredible support and encouragement to me for many years, so when she asked if I could shoot some photos of her and her boo, I jumped at the opportunity.

Her husband is pretty radical, too, and it’s an honor and joy to be in their presence and to see how much fun they have together.  I had a blast following these sassy beasts around in the canyon shooting some photos for their Christmas cards.  They were warriors hiking in snake-infested fields at sunset so that I could try and capture the exact picture that I had visualized when I scouted the location.  I am thoroughly happy with the results and I hope you enjoy them, too.

Katie and Brett, the Bogardus bears love you like mad.