Video by J.R.

I cannot stop watching this video.  Well done, JR.  Well done. 

I remember at the age of nine, being blown away at the power of capturing an image.  This was when my mother bought me my first camera and my dream was to work for National Geographic.  The way some images manage to embed themselves into your brain and leave you speechless is absolutely captivating for my heart and soul.  I feel that way after watching this video.  There tend to be two main avenues that provoke a sense of urgency in my life: The Gospel and photography.  This video makes me want to pack up everything (which we are doing this week anyway) and travel again.  Though I don’t think my husband or baby girl would be up for it.  :)  Not that I would change the amazing adventure that I feel God is calling us to right now, but I do miss watching different cultures express themselves through art and bringing an awareness to their community through it.  The way a single photo can take you on an emotional roller coaster, flooding your body with an overhwelming understanding of self or others is mind-blowing for me.  I often feel an adrenaline rush after watching something like this or sometimes even in the midst of a photo shoot.  I take it as reassurance that I am doing something my body, eyes, and hands were destined to do.  That my passion is not dead.  And that I serve a God that put that in me for a purpose. 

I hope after watching this you will be reminded of your passion and feel a desire to practice your craft, push your talents, and expand your environments and boundaries.  At least that is how I feel right now amongst the chaos of packing.