The Lemsters

B & K.

I cannot even begin to express how great it feels to be behind my camera again.  After a hectic couple of months of insane transition and all the adjustments that come with moving to another state with a baby and becoming reacquainted with family and friends, we finally feel somewhat settled.   Which is precisely why, a couple of days ago, I packed up my camera, that sweet little girl of ours and we went to visit some old friends.  I must say, the sound the shutter made with each click of the release my heart do cartwheels.  That to say, I am happy to announce that I am ready for much more picture taking action and look forward to exploring the area around our new home in Orange County, CA.

K was one of the first people I met when I moved from a small town in east Texas to California, exactly eight years ago.  Though the last four years of our friendship has been maintained long-distance, the closeness and truth-telling joy has not been hindered.  K was also one of my beloved bridesmaids and now, in just a few short months, I get to return the favor.  I have the honor of standing behind her on the day that she declares to God and the man He has given her, to love B first and best.  I look forward to continuing our friendship on a new level as wives together.  K, I love you like a sister and am so happy for you.  Also, you two are super photogenic and totally hipster hot.  Thank you for letting me capture your joyful presence and sass.  Love to you both!