Birthday Dinner Extravaganza

My birthday dinner turned out to be more than either Nick or I expected.

We went to a place called The Pink Door in downtown Seattle.  When we walked in, I was instantly captivated by the enchanting atmosphere and decorations.  It was crowded but comfortable at the same time.

As I was finishing a quite scrumptious Caesar salad, a girl standing slightly behind Nick caught my attention.  She was wearing something between a Christina Aguilera video and a knock-off Moulin Rouge costume.  I turned to Nick and simply asked, “Will there be dancing darling?” in a ridiculous 1920’s snobby accent.  Seconds after those words left my lips, the lights dimmed low, seductive music started, and I was met with feet above my head.

That’s right.  Feet.  Feet dangling inches above my Caesar salad.  Unbeknown to us, the Monday night entertainment at The Pink Door is Burlesque dancing.  Burlesque dancing from a ceiling swing to be more specific.  It was rather unusual and I couldn’t help but giggle when I looked at Nick’s face- partially showing terror and partially showing confusion at what exactly he made reservations for.  I was amused to no end.  However, the only camera I had was my Polaroid- which was low on film- and my phone camera.  So this was all I could get to prove my birthday dinner to you:

Afterward, we took a walk downtown, peering into the windows of interesting shops, finally stopping to overlook the bay.  It was a good first birthday in Seattle.

Thanks to everyone who sent warm birthday wishes to rainy Seattle!  It helped make my 3rd birthday away from friends and family all the better.