I dreamed of a sunny bike ride around the lake, taking pictures and possibly having a picnic; instead, I was given a rainy day-thanks Seattle.  Still, it all turned out pretty fantastic considering I love baking (and you don’t have to go outside for that) and I have quite an incredible and cuddly husband.  To start the day off, I made these guys:

mint chocolate chip cupcakes.

Nick and I spent the morning reading, relaxing and watching the first season of The Wonder Years. Followed by cupcake eating and a mini photoshoot.

Now we are off to dinner- at a place unknown to me-but not before I share a few more pictures of the most delectable cupcakes I have had in a while.  A special thank you goes to Savannah who bought me the cupcake book I used for our wedding, over a year and a half ago.  It was the first recipe of many that I plan to try.

Ah, what a good day.

icing is ready!

what a way to spend the morning!

bear paws and cupcakes.  doesn’t get much better than that : )