Baby Argentine.

Argentine Rose. 

This little lady is absolutely stunning.  I mean she is half French, half American.  That alone gives her a bit of an edge.  :) 

Her parents are dear friends of ours so this shoot was very personal and moving.  We had been praying for Argentine’s arrival and it is radical to see what happens when God answers prayer.  Her parents, J & M, are and continue to be some of the most encouraging, hilarious, honest, loving and generous friends we have.  They currently own and operate an incredible non-profit that you can read more about here

I absolutely adore their little family and look forward to another reunion soon.  I often dream of Argentine and Evangeline, who are only a couple of months apart in age, running around in sundresses together, playing tea party or chasing puppies, Argentine teaching Evangeline French- while Evangeline teaches Argentine some sort of crazy talk that she heard her mother say, all while giggling so hard that they wheeze, causing their tiny hair bows to bounce up and down.  I know, I know.  It sounds like a scene from Little House on the Prairie, but Mongolia isn’t too far off from that lifestyle.  :)

However, since our baby girls can barely bring their hands to their mouths, let alone chase puppies at this age, I snapped back to reality and did my best to make Argentine smile with my ridiculous questions.   Aside from being in the beautiful countryside of Oregon, I had a blast catching up with old friends while taking snapshots of important toys and outfits that marked the arrival of their little girl.  Congrats J&M!  We love you three dearly.