Baby Venanzi

There was so much about this photoshoot that was meaningful to me.  I love seeing blessings come out of hardship and that has happened in particular with motherhood for Erica and I.  I met this awesome gal when I moved to California for college after living in Texas for 10 years.  She was a good friend to me as I grew in my faith, slowly lost my Texas accent, tried to decide what the heck I wanted to do with my life, as I met the man that would later become my husband, and when I joined the Peace Corps and left America and all that was familiar to me. 

Still, one of the most notable times I recall in the growth of our friendship is the loss of our first pregnancies. Being able to talk about how heartbreaking and confusing it is to lose a child with someone who understands it is a gift.  It takes away the tinge of loneliness you can feel and allows a space to grieve together.  Nothing has bonded us better than the tear-filled talk we had that night over cookies.  Yet now, a year later she is holding her second son, Derek, and I was honored to be there to capture some sweet moments of this family of three.  Congrats Venanzies!  Derek is awesome.

Baby Isabel

Heather was one of the very first people I met when we moved to OC from Seattle.  It has been so awesome watching our friendship and families grow together.  We both welcomed our third baby into our families recently and it is always a special shoot when it's for someone you know and love.

Meet Isabel.  This sweet girl was not content unless she was swaddled or snuggling with her mama.  She was precious and new and so stinkin cute.   Welcome baby Isabel; you are so loved already.

Baby Brooks

There are few things more flattering than someone appreciating your work enough to allow you the pleasure of capturing moments in their life time and time again.  This family has given that to me; I adore them and was honored to get to help them remember what it was like to bring home baby #3.  Welcome sweet Azalea.  You are absolutely precious. 

Baby Gabrione

They say a brothers' bond runs deep and I see that already with these two.  I had a blast capturing the pure joy of welcoming baby Vincent into his already awesome family.  He is such an incredibly chill and sweet new babe.  I'm so excited for this rad growing family.  Congrats Gabriones!